Bulldog BX1 Couplers

The BX1 was the standard PJ Gooseneck coupler from November 2012 until December 2014. Current gooseneck trailers receive the standard Bulldog 25k Round Gooseneck coupler, the BX1 is now available as an option.


  • Has dual grease fittings to grease the ball and locking plate for smooth operation
  • Bottom socket plate is 50% larger than competitors, making it much easier to position the ball under the socket
  • Can be operated easily with one hand and is extremely simple to lock and unlock
  • Moving the handle to the bottom of the coupler allows for more vertical adjustment since there is no longer handle assembly on the tube. A "shorty" version is available, which is especially useful for lifted trucks.
  • The BX1 is a direct replacement for our previous Bulldog Coupler
  • The ball fits better and reduces jarring by having an additional contact point

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