Dump Landscape Gate


We offer a landscape gate on our 83" wide dump trailers (D7, D9, DJ, & DL). This gate allows you to load equipment in widths up to 83" and also use the gate to spread small aggregate.

  • Fits D7, D9, DJ, & DL dump trailers
  • Gate measures 86.5" wide x 62" long
  • Gate includes handles and is spring assisted to help lifting and lowering
  • Gate allows you to load vehicles of varying widths
  • Can also be used a spreader gate
  • 2" x 2" square tube for ramp section of gate and outside frame
  • 1x1 angle cross-members on gate for traction
  • Gate requires heavy lifting
  • When ordered with dump landscape gate, trailer does not receive ramps.

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Dump Landscape Gate Rear