Stillwell 7K Hydraulic Trailer Jack

This is a major upgrade to a PJ dump trailer! This Stillwell Hydraulic Jack saves time, energy and more importantly your back! When you're tired at the end of a day, it is so satisfying to pull back into the yard and with the push of a button unhook your fully loaded dump.


  • 7k Jack Rating
  • Made in the USA
  • Double acting
  • Center mounted hydraulic ports for easy installation
  • Hydraulic Power Up & Down
  • KTI Hydraulic Unit
  • Interstate Deep Cycle Battery
  • Two-Button Remote
  • Parker Hoses & Fittings
  • Hydraulic Unit and Battery Contained in Locking Front Toolbox
  • 2-year warranty
  • Removable foot
  • Gloss black paint
  • Fits D5, D3, D2, D7, DH, D9, DC, DL, DM, DJ, DK, DN, D8, & DT trailers

Option Code

-JA04 - 1 Hydraulic 7k Stillwell Jack (Bumper Pull Only)

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Stillwell Hydraulic Dump Trailer Jack
Stillwell Hydraulic Dump Trailer Jack