8" Pro-Beam Super-Wide Equip (H6)


Available Lengths

  • 20’ 22’ 24’ 26’ 28’ 30’

Dare to Compare


Standard Features

  • 16,000 lb. G.V.W.R.
  • 8,000 lb. x 2 G.A.W.R.
  • HD 2 5/16â€� Adjustable 3 Bolt Coupler
  • Safety Chains
  • 1 - Drop Leg Jack (10,000 lb.)
  • 2 - Dexter Oil Bath Brake Axles (8,000 lb.)
  • 6 Leaf Slipper Spring Suspension
  • 4 - 16â€� White Spoke Wheels
  • 4 - 235/85R16 14 Ply Radial Trs (4,080 lb)
  • Rubrail w/Stake Pockets
  • Electric Breakaway Kit w/ Charger
  • HD Drive Over 1/4â€� Diamond Plate Fenders
  • 5’ Channel Ramps w/ Holder
  • Dual Bulldog Rear Support Jacks
  • 8â€� x 10 lb. I-Beam Main Frame & Tongue
  • 3â€� Channel Crossmembers 16â€� on Center
  • 2â€� Treated Pine Lumber Deck
  • 102â€� Wide Deck
  • DOT Approved Flushmount Lifetime LED Lights
  • Sealed Bargman Wire Harness w/ 7-Way RV Plug
  • Sand Blasted, Acid Washed, Powder Coated
  • Tool Tray In Tongue
  • GN Option Equipped with 2 Jacks
  • GN Equipped w/Lockable Front Toolbox
  • 5 year Dexter Axle Warranty


Default options, those included in the base model, are marked by a check .

Coupler Options

[T] HD 2 5/16� Adj.3 Bolt Coupler w/6 hole Chn Bracket
[B] BP 2 5/16� Adjustable Rigid Mount (25,000 lb.)
[C] Rigid Mount Pintle Eye- Face-mount (25,000)
[E] GN 2 5/16� Round (30,000 lb.) w/ 6� Longer Tube
[H] GN 2 5/16� Round (30,000 lb.) w/ Toolbox
[L] GN Load-Leveling 2 5/16� Square (30,000 lb.) & Tbx
[P] 3� Pintle Eye - Channel-mount (20,000 lb.)
[Q] GN 2 5/16� Square (30,000 lb.) w/ Toolbox
[S] GN 2 5/16� Square (25,000 lb.) w/ Toolbox
[W] 3� Pintle Eye Chan Mnt (20k lb.) w/8 Hole Ch Brckt

Axle Options

[K2BS] (2) 8,000# Oil Bath w/215/75R17.5 LR-H Singles(Dexter) Electric (Spring)
[82BS] (2) 8,000# Oil Bath w/235/85R16 LR-G Tires (Dexter) Electric (Spring)

Tail Options

[S] Straight Deck w/ 5’ Slide-in Ramps
[1] 2’ Dovetail w/ 25x66HD Fold-up Ramps
[D] 2’ Dovetail w/ 31x66 HD Fold-up Ramps

Color Options

[K] Black Powder Coat
[0] Primer + Black Powder Coat
[1] Primer + Red Powder Coat
[2] Primer + Tractor Green Powder Coat
[3] Primer + White Powder Coat
[4] Primer + Equipment Yellow Powder Coat
[5] Primer + Tractor Orange Powder Coat
[6] Primer + Grey Powder Coat
[8] Primer + Desert Tan Powder Coat
[G] Grey Powder Coat
[J] Tractor Green Powder Coat
[N] Tractor Orange Powder Coat
[P] Primer Only
[R] Red Powder Coat
[T] Desert Tan Powder Coat
[W] White Powder Coat
[Y] Equipment Yellow Powder Coat
[Z] No Paint No Primer

Other Options

[-BC01] Battery Charger 12V
[-BW02] Add BlackWood Classic to Dovetail
[-BW03] Add BlackWood Pro to Dovetail
[-BWFL] Blackwood Classic Full Deck
[-BWOT] Blackwood Classic Outer Deck
[-BWPF] Blackwood Pro Full Deck
[-BWPO] Blackwood Pro Outer Deck
[-CH05] GN Lockable Chain Holder
[-CP08] Upgrade to 8 Hole Channel Adjustable Coupler
[-CWB1] Upgrade to Black Spoke Wheels
[-CWS1] Upgrade to Silver Mod Wheels
[-DL01] 1 Pair of Flushmount D-Rings on Wood Floor
[-DM01] 1 Extra Pair Flushmount D-Rings on Steel Floor
[-DON1] Removable Deck on the Neck (102� Wide 96� Long)
[-DON2] Deck on Neck w/SlideTrack & 2 Ratchets (102�x96�)
[-DON3] Rem Deck on Neck w/SlideTrk & 2 Ratchets(102�x96�)
[-DP01] Add 11ga Diamond Plate to Top of Slide in Ramps
[-DR01] 1 Pair D-Rings
[-DS05] 3/16� DP Steel Floor w/4 Flushmount D-Rings & 12�oc
[-EL01] Add 7-Way RV Plug to Rear Bumper
[-EX01] Add 3/4� #9 Expanded Metal to Top of Slidein Ramps
[-FE05] Weld on Fenders
[-FE06] 1/4� DP HD Weld on Fenders Tandem Axle
[-GN06] 6� Longer Neck
[-JA05] 1 Hydraulic Monster Jack? Includes Front Toolbox
[-JA06] 2 Hydraulic Monster Jacks?
[-JAB1] Upgrade to (1) - Single BULLDOG 10k Jack
[-JAB2] Upgrade to (2) - Dual BULLDOG 10k Jacks
[-JABG] Upgrade to BULLDOG 10k Jacks (Gooseneck Only)
[-LT05] Add LED Reverse Lights
[-NF01] No Flooring
[-PS00] No Pin Striping
[-PSBK] Black Pin Striping
[-RM30] No Ramps No Ramp Pockets
[-RS12] 12� Taller GN Riser
[-ST05] Spare Tire and Mount (BP) 215/75/R17.5
[-ST06] Spare Tire & Mount (Bumper Pull) G Rated
[-STK1] 2 Stake Pockets In Front of Trailer
[-TB03] Top Riser Toolbox
[-TB04] Full Size Divided Toolbox Upgrade (BP Only)
[-TB05] Winch Plate Toolbox (Bumper Pull)
[-TBTL] Locking Lid Over Tongue
[-WN08] Warn 8k Zeon Winch w/Plate & Battery
[-WN12] SuperWinch Talon 12.5 w/Plate & Battery
[-WN18] SuperWinch Talon 18k w/HD Plate & Battery
[-WN95] SuperWinch TS9500 w/Plate & Battery
[-WR01] Trimmer Rack Kit
[0] Cold Weather Wiring Harness (7-Way RV)
[2] 2nd Jack (Bumper Pull)
[4] Plate for Winch
[5] Solar Battery Charger
[6] 6� Taller GN Riser
[7] Douglas Fir Lumber
[8] ¼� DP Steel Floor w/ 4 Flushmount D-Rings & 12�
[C] 12�oc Crossmembers
[E] Rough Oak Floor
[H] Receiver Hitch
[P] 11ga (1/8�) DP Steel Floor w/ 4 D-Rings & 12�oc
[Q] Front Toolbox (Bumper Pull)
[S] Mount Only for Spare Tire
[U] Deck on the Neck (102� Wide 96� Long)
[V] Rear Trailer Support Jacks
[W] Warn M12000 Winch w/Plate & Battery
[X] Bulldog 2-speed Jacks (12,000 lb.)
[Y] HD Semi Trailer 2x Jacks (25k lb.)