10 Questions to Ask Before Purchasing an Enclosed Trailer

    • SIZE.

      The most common trailer widths are 5’, 6’, 7’, and 8.5’. As far as length, most commonly they are purchased between 8’ and 32’.

      A 5’ trailer might be for you if you’re needing just a little bit more space than what your truck or SUV can offer.

      A 6’ trailer could be for business owners just starting out that don’t need much space for their equipment.

      Trailer 8’ is a great size for a riding mower or transporting a collectible car. These trailers railers that are made to withstand heavy usage.


      Steel trailers:

      •  can withstand more stress than aluminum trailers.
      • is easier and cheaper to repair than aluminum.
      • rusts.

      Aluminum trailers:

      • can be towed more easily than steel trailers of the same size.
      • have a higher payload capacity
      •  generally need to be cleaned with an acid wash to renew their exterior.

      If you need to spend as little as possible on your trailer and only need it for light or casual use, thin skin works fine.

      An outer skin helps to maintain the original form. Skin thickness of .030/.040 or .050 means better durability.

      • COLOUR

      Darker trailers look sleek, but they attract more heat and begin to warm.


      Tandem axle trailers will be a bit more expensive than a single axle, but with the price comes the advantage of hauling heavier loads. They are also considered to be more stable.

      Before you choose whether to get a single axle or tandem axle trailer, you need to figure out the height of the supplies or products you will put inside the trailer, and the types and conditions of roads you’ll travel on.

      Leaf spring axles take up more space and are heavier.

      However, if something were to happen, they could be repaired while torsion axles cannot.


      The rounded roof is better for shedding snow.

      The flat roof has a lower interior ceiling, and the round roof adds 3-6” of headroom.

      There is not a considerable increase in fuel mileage between the two.

      The v-nose with help with handling and has marginally better mileage.


      Ramp doors are excellent if you need to wheel anything into the cargo trailer.

      Barn doors could be more beneficial if you are tight on space because it takes an extra 6’ to open a ramp door.


      Choosing the lowest height. Why? Because you can minimize drag.

      The ideal situation is to match the trailer and truck height.

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